Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Another blow.
First was his ex.
Now is his own problem.
He is just a jerk.
If you are not ready, don't ever commit yourself.
You are just a big letdown to me. Utterly.
Well, at least this happened shortly after being together.
Seriously, I should really concentrate on my career and friends. I have a group of loving friends.
Just treat this incident as a fun activity that just ends abruptly.
I shall seek for more thrills and fun till the right one really appears.
Honestly, I'm not totally ready as well. But this doesn't pose a problem for me.
Remember, never trust a man unless its proven he is trustworthy over a substantial period of time.
It sucks.
I'm not going to self blame cos I'm totally clean, and got nothing to do with his business.
That's it.
I will be better.
I believe the right one is there for me not faraway. All these obstacles are just preparing me to be ready for the right one. I will be stronger emotionally. I swear I will not be nasty or turn crazy or lash out at those who have hurt me. It's hard but can be done. It's to being a cultured person. And to be kind to myself and others. I believe kind deed will be rewarded.

Monday, 19 March 2012


Just hold on for a while more.
Hold your power.
Hang on.
Keep calm and cool.
Be upbeat and positive.
That's the way.
Treat it as a form of training.
Stay focused on the work at hand.
Do not. Never get distracted. Never be wavered.
You are doing well so far. Keep it up!
I have confidence in you.
You can make it.
Things will be over soon.
Bear in mind.
Your mind must be strong.
Do not be blinded by emotions and words.
Do not be involved in relationship.
No relationship can last.
It's not the time now.
You must only see the facts.
You must be rational at all times.
You have to be strong.
You must have good health, mental health and physical health.
Always be in the tip-toe condition till you reach the goals.
Even after that, you must never fall, never falter.
Do not be afraid of being relied on by others.
You are an asset. Make yourself irreplaceable and indispensable.
Do people a favour, and do yourself a good deed.