Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Another blow.
First was his ex.
Now is his own problem.
He is just a jerk.
If you are not ready, don't ever commit yourself.
You are just a big letdown to me. Utterly.
Well, at least this happened shortly after being together.
Seriously, I should really concentrate on my career and friends. I have a group of loving friends.
Just treat this incident as a fun activity that just ends abruptly.
I shall seek for more thrills and fun till the right one really appears.
Honestly, I'm not totally ready as well. But this doesn't pose a problem for me.
Remember, never trust a man unless its proven he is trustworthy over a substantial period of time.
It sucks.
I'm not going to self blame cos I'm totally clean, and got nothing to do with his business.
That's it.
I will be better.
I believe the right one is there for me not faraway. All these obstacles are just preparing me to be ready for the right one. I will be stronger emotionally. I swear I will not be nasty or turn crazy or lash out at those who have hurt me. It's hard but can be done. It's to being a cultured person. And to be kind to myself and others. I believe kind deed will be rewarded.