Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Happy Birthday

It's a Monday.

The first good thing is being able to sleep in quarter past twelve and wake up at 9 in a weekday morning.

To start it off, I put on fitness gear and headed to the gym for a long workout. The gym was empty but shortly came a lady sharing with me. Working out in a morning with few people competing for the gym equipment is a luxury for me after I have started working. It is also becoming rare for me to be able to see the people cleaning the gym and the premises around it. When I greeted them a good morning, I felt I had gone back in time when I was only busy with schoolwork.

After spending an hour in gym, I was out to kopitiam. As I strolled on the street, I felt a sense of happiness. Walking on the street to get my breakfast at 10 plus ? That's fantastic! I ordered a set breakfast of Teh with French toast. As I took a sip of the hot teh, it just tasted wonderful~ The moment was perfect and I was really satisfied! In addition, the first bite of the French toast just make me with so blissful~ Who says good food need to be expensive? A simple meal like teh and French toast is more than enough. It's a total enjoyment for me.

The next stop is Changi Airport. I hopped on a bus that took almost an hour to arrive at Terminal 3. However, along the way, I realised even though this was not the first time I took the bus to the airport the scenery on the road seems unfamiliar to me. This time, it appeared that I was more observant of the surrounding and enjoyed the scenery even more. I walked up to Itacho Sushi. It was almost empty as there were only two customers. I was given a table near to the window. The atmosphere was serene. I ordered several sushi and slowly enjoyed every mouth of it. When I had decided to dine in Itacho, I was prepared to pay a hefty price of above $40. When the bill came, it was only $27. I was pretty surprised.

After a satisfied lunch, I quickly took a train to Harbour Front to meet him. He had actually waited for me for two hours. Oh my. Why did he just keep mum? I felt bad that while I was enjoying the lunch, he had to wait for me silently. He very patiently walked around the mall and shopped with me. His gifts for me were a notebook with his drawing on the front page and a small sling bag from Charles. =) In addition, he treated me Thai dinner and Haagen Daz ice cream cake and ice cream waffle which was very satisfying. Before my day came to an end, he made a photo collage for me. Thank you!

I miss my Monday. For the first time, I felt dreadful going to work. But I know, I had a wonderful birthday and fully enjoyed my birthday.

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