Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Kind Soul!!!

I reached out to my phone in my pocket. Empty.
I lost my phone!
It must have dropped on the bus when I alighted from the bus.
I quickly called my phone using the public phone.
I was waiting anxiously for the ringing. It rang.
And the next moment, I was hoping that the person holding my phone would pick up my call.
Three seconds later, it was picked up. Yes!
A male voice was heard.
He asked me if I was the owner who lost the phone and i said yes. He asked me where I am and he told me to meet him at his block nearby.
I was so so thankful and ecstatic when I heard that!
Despite being very desperate and anxious to retrieve my phone, I walked to the supermarket to get a box of chocolate.
After that, I quickly rush to the block but found myself lost. Luckily, i found the block.
I saw him. I recognised him.
He kindly handed the phone to me and told me that he actually asked who lost the phone when some passengers and I were alighting the bus.
Oh my god~!! He is so kind~~~!!! I am really really grateful to him.
I was surprised to see him.
He was sitting diagonally in front of me on the bus and I noticed him all the while because of his tattoo and the way he talked to his friend beside him. I secretly thought he was a bad ah beng. But I was proven wrong! Oh my~! I am so regretful that I had stereotyped him.
I really really feel so lucky that he picked up my phone and returned to me shortly. He could have sold it. The phone is new and nicely designed.
Before I left, I took out the chocolate I had bought and gave it to him as a small gesture of appreciation.
Yet, I know the kind deed he did worth more than anything.

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